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Nepal is by nature very rich in different kinds of natural resources and we are particularly rich in many types of Himalayan Ranges. Many Himalayan ranges are known nationally and internationally. But we still have other nationally and internationally unknown Himalayan ranges as well. We have recently done a trekking to Api Himal and Saipal Himal   with an American and French People. Api Himal and Saipal Himal  is the place situated in between the boarders of India in the west and Tibet (China) in the north where different kinds of snow caped mountains , rocky lands , jungles , cold rivers (melted from the snow and flow) , small cold streams and many more natural resources can easily be seen and touch. In our long experience of working with trekkers from different world, we have understood that there are two types of trekkers; one type of trekkers are like that who want easy, well-known and unadventurous area and another type of trekkers are like that who want unknown , unexplored , difficult ,rough and different.
Saipal and Api Himal are the trekking area for those people who are of second types. There are many options, to be in the area mentioned above to start the trekking. It will be great to start trekking from the Saipal Himal  side which is situated in the boarders of India in the west and Tibet (china) in the north. Bu it does not mean that trekking can't be started from Api Himal side to make the trip more enjoyable and adventurous. It will take three days to be in the starting point of the trekking to the either sides with rest. Chainpur is the place from where trekking to Saipal Himal  side can be started. Gokule is the place, situated in the boarders of Baitadi and Darchula districts, to start trekking from the API side. To go to all kinds of trekking places whether of the first type or the second, it is necessary to buy trekking permit. To the easy and well-known area like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and other, buying National Park Permit and Conservation Permit will be enough but to the Area like Api Himal and Saipal Himal  and to the other restricted areas Special permits are to be bought. API & Saipal are restricted area where special permits are to be issued to go to the trekking there. There is no time limitation for the trekking in any areas and the same kind of flexibility of trekking period can be applied for these areas too. But the shortest time will at least be of three weeks including from and to Kathmandu. Trekking to Api Himal and Saipal Himal  can be done individually also. This means that trekking to either side can only be done separately. When you are in the upper part of both the sides, to be facilitated from the facilities of the accommodation, food and electricity will be dream like situation. Our staffs will carry every necessary item for the trip and our guests will be well cared during the trip until they are in Kathmandu. Another importance of this area is that the people living there are really traditional, ritual, cultural and myth lovers. It is important to mention that, in the world there are many local languages and the language spoken by the people of one area is difficult to understand their language from the people of another area. This kind of situation can be found all most in the all countries of the world and Nepal is again very rich in that perspective also. Though, geographically, it is one of the small countries in the world but it is very big in terms of different groups of people and their languages they speak, cultures they live with, customs they adopt , way of life to create their own identity, profession since their birth and beliefs they are happy with. Even if you walk specially in any village areas of Nepal in every two or three kilometers you will happen to see totally different kinds of people and their style of living and life. Please see the Photo gallery of the Saipal and Api Himal.

Trip Facts
Duration : 16 Days
Grade : 3
Height :

5,220 m

Min Group Size : 1+
Best Session : March - May, Sept - Dec


Saipal Trekking
Activities Trekking
Accommodation Tea House
Out Line Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.
Day 02: Nepalgunj to Dadeldhura
Day 03: Dadeldhura to Chainpur
Day 04: Chainpur to Rest in Chainpur.
Day 05: Chainpur toTalkot.
Day 06: Talkot to Jima or Ghat
Day 07: Jima to Panshera.
Day 08: Panshera to High camp.
Day 09: Sightseeing to High camp
Day 10: High camp to Panshera.
Day 11: Panshera to Kurio/ Little down to Ghat.
Day 12: Kurio to Agloghat.
Day 13: Agloghat to ChainPur
Day 14,15 & 16: Return to Kathamndu .

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